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How to operate the shot blasting machine safely?

1) Before entering the workshop, you must wear protective equipment such as safety shoes, helmets, masks, gloves, etc., otherwise you are not allowed to enter the workshop.

2) Wear a protective mask (made of plexiglass) when working, otherwise it is forbidden to work. The floor of the shot blasting room should have anti-skid measures (steel mesh, etc.).

3) When working in the shot blasting room, non-workers should not approach the shot blasting room.

4) It is forbidden to cross the catenary with the casting hanging, so as to avoid the casting falling and hurting people.

5) Non-shot blasting room staff are not allowed to start the equipment arbitrarily.

6) When the equipment fails and must be stopped immediately, the main switch handle should be pulled.

7) When repairing the equipment, the main switch should be opened to avoid personal accident.


8) Work is prohibited under the following circumstances:

(1) The protective curtain is damaged and loses its protective effect;

(2) The shot blasting room or shot blasting machine is partially penetrated by iron shot;

(3) The pill feeding system is blocked;

(4) Unbalanced rotation of the shot blasting machine;

(5) There is no ventilation and dust removal device or ventilation and dust removal device to be damaged;

9) The following regulations must be observed at work:

(1) Before the shot blasting machine is started, it is forbidden to open the control valve for iron shot supply;

(2) Every time the shot blasting machine is started, the operation inspection must be carried out. Under normal circumstances, the operation of the shot blasting machine should be balanced without loud vibration;

(3) The shot blasting room must always check the iron shot supply system during work to prevent blockage;

(4) How many castings are hung on the hooks on the hanging conveyor chain of the shot blasting room should be determined according to the size of the castings, but should not exceed the specified load range of the hooks;

(5) The casting hanging on the hook must be firm and not hinder the free rotation of the hook;

(6) The iron shot scattered around the equipment must be cleaned frequently and added to the shot blasting room for reuse;

(7) The iron shot added to the shot blasting chamber must be sieved.

10) Before leaving get off work every day, pack up and organize tools, clean the site, and leave after checking.



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