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What is Construction Machinery Shot Blasting Machine?


Construction machinery shot blasting machine application:

Mainly used in machinery manufacturing (including industrial machinery shot blasting machines, construction machinery shot blasting machines, mining machinery shot blasting machines, etc.), pressure vessels, automobiles and ships, construction, chemicals, motors, machine tools and other industries the surface cleaning of large and medium-sized workpieces removes the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on the surface, eliminates internal residual stress, and makes it obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of steel.

Construction machinery shot blasting machine composition:

1. Overhead conveyor chain and auxiliary lifting mechanism for upper and lower parts;

2. Auto shot blasting machine + Manual sandblasting room;

3. Abrasive recycling system;

4. Dust removal system;

5. Touch screen PLC control system

Auto shot blasting machine+ Manual sandblasting room

The blasting chamber adopts a closed design to prevent the abrasive from rebounding and splashing, reducing unnecessary air extraction in the chamber body (negative pressure design), reducing fan power, saving energy and reducing production costs.

The shot blasting hot zone uses a high wear-resistant plate (such as Mn13) as the guard plate, which has a long service life and is easy to maintain and replace.

The shot blasting machine adopts independent frequency conversion speed control, and the shot blasting abrasive feed valve adopts closed-loop flow control; the speed and flow of the abrasive can be controlled to control the deformation of shot blasting.

Wear-resistant rubber plates are used as guard plates in each transition zone and sand-refilling blasting room.

The supplementary sandblasting machine adopts air-sand separation, which is convenient for sandblasting supplementary blasting and sand blowing.

Abrasive recycling system

It is composed of longitudinal screw conveyor group + horizontal screw conveyor+ bucket elevator + separator, abrasive storage bin, etc.

Dust collector system

Cyclone separation + filter cartridge dust removal + fan + high discharge of outdoor smoke higher than 15 meters.

System air volume configuration, good-time air volume configuration can be halved compared to traditional configuration.

Touch screen PLC control system

Adopt the intelligent control of PLC+touch screen.

Humanized control operation (pause and emergency stop in the operation area).

System interlocking and delay control.

Run data collection, storage and reminder. 

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