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Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine Shipped to Bulgaria

Thanks to the customer from Bulgaria for choosing our company. Actually this customer purchase our hanger shot blasting machine in 2018. With his work expanding, he needed steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine for his production. Our company started with blasting machines and it has been over 25 years since our company was established. So for now, our company produces both blasting and painting machines. Because the customer was very satisfied with our machine quality, he thought of us at once when he wanted to purchase a steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine. Our company’s strength and high quality of machines leave him a very good impression. 

This steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine is equipped with 10 high-efficiency blast turbines and roller brush system, which can effectively clean the steel shot left on the workpiece after shot blasting. In order to ensure the integrity of the equipment and facilitate the installation of customers, the shot blasting chamber and the front/rear chambers of shot blasting are assembled and transported to the station to send frame container, and other components are sent by standard containers.


This customer wanted to use a steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine for blast cleaning steel plate, angle steel, profiles, etc. According to his processing requirements, our roller conveyor shot blasting machine can right suit his demands.  Our csteel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine is an ideal choice to blast cleaning their object items. This device can realize automatic intelligence and greatly provide work efficiency.

As you can see from this case. The reason why this customer purchased machines from us again has two points. One is the quality of our machine and the other is our company strength. All the spare parts we used for our blasting machines are all purchased from famous and reliable suppliers. Besides, we have strong after service to guarantee the excellent using experience after customer received his machine. We will set up a WhatsApp service group and our technical staff will be here to help our customer within 7/24. The online after service is lifetime.  The powerful company strength makes our customer believe our company deeply.



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