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Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine

The swing table shot blasting machine is made in such a way that it suits to small to big foundries. Components are loaded on a rotary table and get shot blasted. Swing table shot blasting machine can

Model Type RTS
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Operation Method Automatic
Brand name Evertech
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Certification CE, ISO, UL
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Industry Light/Medium
Delivery Time Within 6 weeks

Product Description

Swing table shot blasting machine

The swing table shot blasting machine is made in such a way that it suits to small to big foundries. Components are loaded on a rotary table and get shot blasted. Swing table shot blasting machine can be supplied in one / two doors with table. In case of double door shot blasting machine, one door can be used for shot blasting and the second door for loading & unloading at the same time & vice versa. 

Swing table shot blasting machine regular table component size are from 650 mm to 2,400 mm and can process workpieces of maximum 1,500 mm height. The standard equipment of larger shot blasting equipment includes PLC, display, timer, automatic or manual mode, automatic starts of shot blasting wheels, working hrs counter, etc.


Swing table shot blast machine is applied for shot blasting of different part forms and dimensions, casts also forged components, pressed pieces, ferrous, non-ferrous, steel & metal component made from delicate elements. Swing table shot blasting machine does clean outside, desand casting, mix the surface (micro treatment), roughing the exterior surface prior painting, etc. Rotary table shot blasting machines are particularly fit for use in small group & special part production.




-Turbine blades

-Connecting rods

-Engine blocks

Media used in swing door shot blasting machine

Engineered Abrasives® offers a full line of media used in shot peening and abrasive blast applications. All of our shot is available in a wide range of sizes and materials so that you can be assured that the media you select will meet your exact finishing or blasting requirements. Our shot is manufactured to the highest quality standards and we offer media that meets industry standards:

-Cut wire shot

-Steel shot

-Steel grit

-Stainless steel shot

-Strengthened steel shot, etc.

Key Parts Introduction

  • High performance blast wheel

    Lower finishing time

    up to 77% higher blasting power and freeing up of new capacity.

    Low energy consumption

    up to 25% cost savings and fulfillment of important environmental guidelines.

    Low consumption of consumables

    up to 30% cost savings on abrasives and replacement parts.

  • Blast Chamber

    Blast chamber liner

    As with all Evertech's blast machines the shot blasting blast chamber liner is manufactured completely from high manganese. High manganese has a property which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 60HRC. They are attached from the outside and are easy to replace. When aggressive shot is used, additional lining of high manganese, fully realize the reflection funcation of abrasive and improve the cleaning quality.

    3-D dynamic simulation design

    The blasting chamber is fabricated by high strengthened steel plates and profile steel which ensures adequate intensity and rigidity of the machine. ,blast wheels layout adopt 3-D dynamic simulation design, which ensures optimal shot blasting angle and distance.

  • Elevator system

     -The elevator is used to lift the steel shots recovered by the screw pusher into the separator and silo.

    -The elevator is made of precisely welded steel plates and can be disassembled in segments. Maintenance and inspection windows are provided for easy maintenance.

    -A drive and deceleration motor is located at the top of the hoist, which acts as the power source of the elevator.

    -The system consists of two precision-machined hubs, one hoist case, one high-performance wear-resistant belt and several alloy hoists formed by one stamping process.

  • Dust collector

    - Maximum dust emission < 1 mgr/m3

    - Easy replacement of cartridges

    - Continuous self-cleaning system

    - The fines are separated in the abrasive cleaner, which is adjustable to the different types and sizes of blast media. 


Evertech is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of auto shot blasting machine, airblast & wetblast machine, painting equipment. ···

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