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Alloy Wheel | Wheel Hub Refurbishment Shot Blasting Equipment - Just Installed 2 sets

The purpose of the wheel hub shot blasting machine: it can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the wheel hub, remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on it, so that it can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the finishing quality and anti-corrosion of the wheel hub.

Hanger blasting machines are a common type of equipment used to refurbish and clean wheel hubs, and we have just installed 2 sets hanger blasting machines for our customers.


The hanger type shot blasting machine is mainly composed of  blast cleaning room,  bottom hopper, blast turbines, hook mechanism,  hook rotation, elevator,  separator,  screw conveyor, dust removal system, abrasive supply control system, and electrical control system.


Key features of wheel rims hanger type shot blasting machine:

1. The hanger type shot blasting machine has a pitless structure, which saves the labor cost and time of the pit foundation.

2. The hangr-type shot blasting machine adopts a cantilever centrifugal blast turbines, with high projection speed and large shot blasting volume, which can improve the cleaning effect of the workpiece and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

3. The blast cleaning chamber body of the hanger type shot blasting machine is a structure of welded steel plates into a box, which will not generate vibration. The shot blasting chamber body is sent and the door is installed at the outlet. During the cleaning process, the door is tightly closed until the cleaning is completed. High sealing protection.

4. The hanger type shot blasting machine enters the chamber in the autorotation mode and starts to rotate, allowing the workpiece to be shot blasted 360 degrees, without turning the workpiece over, so that the workpiece is cleaned very thoroughly. The hook is also equipped with a lifting mode, which makes it easier to load and unload materials, reducing the work intensity of the staff. The machine is equipped with various spreaders, which can clean the workpieces that are difficult to hang.

From these points, it can be seen that the hanger type shot blasting machine saves time and effort, has good cleaning effect, high sealing protection, and does not need to be turned over for cleaning. It is  a good choice for cleaning the wheel hub.


In order to recommend the suitable type wheel hub shot blasting machine, please provide some information as follows:

-Maximum dimensions of wheel hubs

-Production output per shift

-Physical size and limitations of the installation site if any

-Availability and type of electrical supply

-Customers project budget.



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